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To good to be true?!? - JohnW - 03-30-2017

just found this, thoughts...

RE: To good to be true?!? - NailBuster - 03-30-2017

looks amazing....but to me it looks too good to be true....  they'll probably fail to deliver on-time but anything is possible.

IMO... if I was looking for a 3d printer today.... depending on budget I'd get the prusa or a prusa clone...  community is very important and 3d printing is not 'easy'...  soo many variables, so it would be best to learn the machine and be able to troubleshoot fix problems with a large community...

I have a 'modified' DaVinci 3d printer (runs repetitor firmware) and I'm really happy with the value I get from major problems yet (crosses fingers)....