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New bootstrap theme - NailBuster - 12-19-2016

I've been 'playing' with adding bootstrap theme to the config/local QControl files.

They look pretty good compared to the 'plain-html' before.  The only drawback is that the QControl module must be connected to the internet since the required files are downloaded via internet.  So I'll have to think of link for 'older' files if the QControl Module is started off-line...

Here's some screenshots....

RE: New bootstrap theme - JeremyM - 02-02-2017

Looks good NB. Keep up the good work.

RE: New bootstrap theme - NailBuster - 02-02-2017

I have a few people testing out v2 of the QControl web server!! It will allow offline graphing/gauges all pretty and such...

Although I still believe that QControl should work with a cloud service/mqtt service like thingspeak or your own home automation.... It's always good to have options for others!