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Horizontal Offset Smoker
(04-03-2017, 05:34 PM)NailBuster Wrote: ATMega Pro Mini 8Mhz 3.3v PID controller (clone) 

something like this....  Note that there are 5volt 16Mhz version that you want to avoid.... 

Hi David
Followed your thread here from VWBB
Just bought myself a charcoal powered horizontal offset smoker and already being of the Arduino persuasion I realised I needed to automate it
I have 3.3v nanos with USB port to program/power, will these work for your scheme?
TC MAX6675 already on its way
PC fan somewhere in my junk cupboard
I have favoured YUN shield (Iduino) in the past but am willing to give ESP a go with a bit of help
I am a controls engineer and can see 3 control loops could be used, first looking at firebox temp to determine if more fuel should be added, second the traditional smoker temp controlled by fan/damper, third a screw to pull ash out of the firebox on a fire time basis

So not sure if fuel addition can be easily automated or just messaged to me
Fan control by 5v via MOSFET
then servo for ash screw
interesting project. I haven't used an offset smoker before.... which model are you using?

yes you can use the 3.3v Nanos. You would just need to flash them via IDE (you could compile from source on github, or I could compile a bin for you).

You'll find the esp very easy to work with.

Are you planning on modifying the source files to work with the different control loops?

Does the fan 'blow' into the side-firebox? I'm assuming the pit control is only in the firebox?

where does the ash go when it's pulled out? I don't think a servo would work... wouldn't you need a DC motor to run for x seconds?
My BBQ is like many normal looking oil drum models with ~30 gal main box but ~5gal firebox on the side
Pit control will be fan into firebox, maybe a new side door with stainless tube to keep heat away from fan then smaller tube for ash extraction, not worked that one out yet...
DC  motor for X  seconds sounds good
I see esp comes with 16mb now (so I ordered that one, you can never have too much memory)
My favoured interface is 128 x 64 oled and IR remote for input

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