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Using Fan with PWM built in....
I just realised the fan I have reclaimed from an old PC has 4 wires and 1 of those is PWM, so no need for a MOSFET as it is already onboard.
Looks like I just have to connect 12v and then connect Arduino PWM output to blue wire and connect -ve's together
I once thought about that too... lots of fans have PWM available but I don't think it will work with the atmega.

From what I've read online, the frequency range that is needed to drive computer fans is not something the atmega can do...

You can try it, with a sample arduino project but I don't think you'll get the correct 'range' to make it work.

Let us know....
From this Arduino Forum post it seems perfectly possible

although it doesn't seem straightforward. IMHO I'd stick with a MOSFET just to keep the code simple and 'clean'....

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