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Feature Suggestions & Hardware Ideas....anything goes!
Feel free to give me any ideas/suggestions moving forward....

as far as new/different hardware ideas.....keep the idea mean VALUE driven Wink

I'll try and keep the top post updated with a Work in Progress(WIP) list....

Here's my quick list I'm hoping for:

Simple Profile Switching for Settings:
  • things like fan speed (min/max/preheat)
  • probes attached
  • network connection settings for when you move your controller around

Cooking Stuffs
  • General stuffs you see in other products, they all have different names and such.  But to be able to easily setup:  "pre-heat to 220f,  cook at 240f for 3 hrs, cook at 340f for 1 hr, and once meet is at 190f cool-down to 190"....and get update alerts during the 'stages'...

  • Auto-Lid Open Detect....I've already got a $0.20 piece that can detect when the lid is open/'s a small bearing that I guess I can put on the hinge to see exactly when to shut-fan down if lid is open (no more blowing ash!)..who knows?

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Feature Suggestions & Hardware Ideas....anything goes! - by NailBuster - 12-14-2016, 05:20 PM

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