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Feature Suggestions & Hardware Ideas....anything goes!
Profile switching sounds like a great idea to help make the project more flexible.

Would it be possible to make a separate profile depending on what you want to control? For instance, an "Output Type" profile. I think adding a profile for controlling an electric element via SSR will help make this project very tempting to electric smoker users.

The electric smoker I have is VERY popular and is made by MasterBuilt. I follow the "My Masterbuilt Electric Smoker" group on FB that has 19k members. The biggest problem with their smokers is that they are notorious for having large temperature swings and probes that sometimes read up to +/-30F off.

Most users seem to use the Maverick brand remote temp sensors and use them to monitor cooker temps just because we all know that the display on the smoker is probably nowhere close to accurate and cannot be trusted. I see a lot of people on there also use what used to be the iGrill thermometers. Apparently, the iGrill was recently bought out by Weber and now the app seems to be complete garbage from what i have been reading. I own a Maverick and iGrill thermometer and hate them both. The Maverick seems accurate, has great range due to it being RF, and is a solid device but setting temps and navigating through the setup is a PITA. The iGrill seemed like a great device until I actually bought one and realized how awful the bluetooth range was.

Another issue the smoker I have is the wiring. Masterbuilt uses very thin light gauge wiring to provide power to the element. There are tons of people having issues with the connectors burning off. Myself included. I think between the high temps, high current, and the fact that the connection contains dissimilar metals it is a major point of resistance and will just continue to burn off unless the issue is addressed.

It is for these reasons I have started looking for alternative methods for not only controlling the temps of the cooker but also to monitor and be able to set alarms all with a simple device connected to my homes intranet. Your project along with the Pitdroid app seems like the perfect cost effective solution to all of these issues.

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