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Q-Control Install & Hookup Instructions

This is a thread to help get through install and setup:  Brand new files and documentation so I'm sure it'll be busy at first:

Get latest install/documents :   Q-Control Install and Documentation v0.9

Hardware requirements for this file is :  

esp8266 type device (with 4 MB flash size)
arduino type nano 3.3v 8Mhz 
support Analog and/or MAX6675 type temperature controllers.

[Image: allinone_sch.png]

here's a sample hookup diagram:  ...I'm new to kicad so it will not be a 'standard' doc Smile

Note:  important if you are using a fan that you put in a diode(which diode is dependant on fan)!!

also,  haven't decided on exact MOSFET for fan control.  Difficult because many don't like to be driven by 3.3v .   I'm in process of testing this one:  FQP30N06L  

Ask away,  any questions are good questions because others may run into them as well!!

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