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New build thread for an Electric Smoker Controller
It's Alive!!!!

Just finished all of the wiring except the wiring to the output of the SSR. My wiring/soldering is very messy but everything will be inside the box and hidden so I didn't spend much time on neatness. I powered it up and all 3 probes are reading accurately. Next week I plan on cutting the holes in the box for the surface mount thermocouple connections and micro usb power supply. I also need to drill a hole for the dc jack for the SSR output. 

This weekend I am planning on mounting the SSR inside the smoker and getting that wired up along with a dc cable that will plug into the control box.

[Image: 20170317_201831_zpsssui6iav.jpg][Image: 20170317_201856_zpsvnshioix.jpg]

What a fun and easy project! I can't wait to finally get to use it!

To be continued....

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