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Barrel or Blower fan/damper
Wanted to start a discussion as to which is better or more appropriate for which type of smoker.

As far as I know, there are two types of fan/damper designs being used;
1) barrel type case with a computer type fan like these
2) blower type case with fans like these

Please provide any pros/cons, other input and/or experiences.

No flames please (ha, did you see that, I made a pun)

First let me state, I have only used the barrel type with a computer fan in it and I have only smoked with a UDS.

I have configured my temp controller to do most of the air control via the damper before adding any fan input to stoke the fire. Therefore I believe the barrel type to be better as it has the least amount of air flow resistance through the case & fan as compared to the blower design.
I'm no expert when it comes to the blower/barrel designs but what I've heard is that they both have their pro/cons...

It also depends a lot on the your smoker.... a kamadoo (or very air-tight) smoker would be ok with a damper-only design (very small use of a fan needed). In that case, I would say the barrel makes more sense.

if you have a large smoker then you'll need more CFM and 'static-pressure' is important. I believe that's the advantage the blower type fans have.

I use to have a auburn-simple fan controller for my kamado (only had a blower and a gravity-damper).... it worked fine for my kamado as well.... so I'm not sure that one method is going to 'blow' the other type away....see i can be punny too Smile

I'm hoping that damper(servo) only will be enough for my setup so that battery operation would last a lot longer.... I don't like having to power-plug my controllers in.....
I agree with what you stated on how air tight and/or size of the smoker is, but what are those cons for the barrel type????

And I agree too with using the damper for air control with minimal fan input. I have been able to get my settings on the HM with a barrel damper/fan on my UDS to the point where the damper is doing most the work. During a cook the fan kicks in maybe 10-15% of the time, and it is only towards the end of a 16 hour cook when there is alot of ash sitting on the coals does the fan start to work overtime. And that could easily be resolved by shaking the basket to get the ashes to drop down, but that requires opening the smoker during a cook which I don't like to do.
Hey, you just came up with a great idea.... attach a 'shaker-motor' to your basket.... figure out how from the outside we can shake the basket to make the ashes drop and just fire that motor every hour or so Smile

barrel type fans tend to have lower static-pressure compared to there will be scenarios when barrels won't be best choice....
Oh Yeah, BASKET SHAKER!!! Love it

adding to feature request

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