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New build thread for an Electric Smoker Controller
(03-24-2017, 04:17 PM)NailBuster Wrote: nice!!  are the probes together or are they in different parts of smoker?  

did you change the PID values or did you use the it holding pit temps well?

the probes were just hanging inside the chamber for testing. The "Pit probe" will eventually be mounted in the back wall of the smoker. The others will just be ran through the top of the vent for easy removal and cleaning. I am still waiting for the probes I am actually going to use to arrive from china.

I didn't run it very long but it seemed like the default PID settings worked fairly well. There wasn't much overshoot on the graph and it stabilized fairly quickly.

Here's the SSR mounted inside the box.
[Image: 20170324_115956_zps0tn8llwm.jpg]

It was tight but it'll work. I probably should have moved the smaller wire grommet to the top or side but I wanted to keep it at the bottom to help keep out rain. The smoker sits under a small eve so it should stay fairly dry. I plan on using silicone when i put the cover on it. I sacrificed an old pair of headphone to use the wire and 1/8" plug to control the SSR. It's not shown in the picture but will work well.

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