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New build thread for an Electric Smoker Controller
(04-01-2017, 10:57 PM)NailBuster Wrote: yummy pizza!!!

found these K connectors.... they look good,  and a little cheaper ones here...  funny how the connectors are going to cost more that the atmega, the max TC board.... geez....

Should have know Auber would have them. They have a lot of great products.

While unplugging everything after my pizza was done I dropped the box and broke off the mini usb jack. Good thing I ordered 3 extra. I'm temped to add a 5v ac/dc converter to the box and just mount it to the back of the smoker using the elements 120vac source to power the box.

I was thinking a portable box was the way to go but now I think something permanently mounted to the smoker might be the way to go. I was even considering ditching my project box and mounting all the components inside the smokers factory control box.

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