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Q-Control Parts List
I'll try and keep the main post updated links.  If you find anything better or cheaper feel free to post your links.

PS:  I don't endorse any seller or products.

ATMega Pro Mini 8Mhz 3.3v PID controller (clone) 

something like this....  Note that there are 5volt 16Mhz version that you want to avoid.... 

ESP8266 Wifi Module

WeMos D1 is a popular choice (4MB Flash minimum)
NodeMcu is another popular choice (4MB Flash minimum)


In my opinion.  Thermocouple are my choice for BBQ/pit control.  They are rugged and support very High-heat compared to other types.

for food monitoring, you can use either Thermocouples or Thermistors depending on your preference.

ThermoCouples (TC):

Current support is for the MAX6675 chip.  I bought them from aliexpress (or ebay) and can be found for under $3 shipped.  You will need one per probe,  so if you want to build a 4 TC probe Q-Control you will need 4 of these.

There are a few variations that you need to notice.  Some come with a TC probe as well.  Some are smaller, and some will have the headers already soldered for you.  I'd recommend getting ones with nothing soldered on them giving you the option of mounting and connectors.


Q-Control supports analog thermistors type probes.  I would suggest the Thermowork pro probes, or the mavericks (current versions)...


5V servos....  really depends on your budget,  I get cheap ones like this but always have extras in case of problems.   


5V fans will make the entire build easier to deal with than 12v fans.  Depending on size of BBQ you can use either a blower type or inline type fan.  Note that cfm of fan is important but also the 'static pressure' of the fan will determine if it will work for stoking your Grill....  not all fans will have enough strength to work.

Fan Control:

For fan control you will need a diode and a mosfet to control fan speed.  I'm in process of testing this one...  (FQP30N06L) 

Prototype boards:
I prefer ones that 'bridge' like this:

usb power connector:

This is important as the usb connectors on the esp boards don't have a 'pure 5v Vin'.... and it allows an easier build.  (BTW: some new nodemcu's have a pure 5v usb line). But you'll need to make sure your fan/servo/etc don't pull too much amps through the small traces on the nodemcu.

Also,  I may try out an integrated battery version.  Then you could use this as the usb connector...
You really love if I didn't want to wait up to 50 days for delivery, will these parts be ok????
the ones with an asterisk are the ones I want to purchase, so please only comment on those with *
note some $ are rounded up

1) Atmega328 @ aliexpress $2 -OR @ adafruit/sparkfun $10,  *ebay $13 (incl s&h) for 3 units (that's $4.33 each, if you need 3 that is), amazon prime $10

2) ESP8266 @ aliexpress $6 -OR @ adafruit huzzah $10, sparkfun $7, ebay WeMos D1 mini $8 (incl s&h), *amazon prime $6.50

3) I agree with your probe notes

4) TC @ aliexpress $2, -OR  n/a at adafruit/sparkfun as they have moved on to the newer max31855 (why cannot use this?),  ebay $8 (incl s&h), *amazon prime $7

5) servo @ aliexpress $4, -OR @ adafruit $10, sparkfun $11, *ebay 5 piece $16.60 ($3.32 each)  (incl s&h), amazon prime 2 piece $14 ($7 each)

6) fans, agree with your notes

7) fan control - you already linked to sparkfun $1 ;-)  ebay is way too much $$$$ :-O

8) proto board @ aliexpress $11, -OR @ *adafruit half size $4.50 or 3pak $12.50 (they have other sizes/options), sparkfun $8, ebay/amazon have all kinds at various prices

9) usb power @ aliexpress $2, -OR @ adafruit $2, sparkfun $2, ebay 2 piece $4 (incl s&h), if you need a bunch *amazon 10 piece $4
1> the ebay ones look good.
2> stick with wemos d1... some of your links are just the CHIP!, you want a breakout board/CHIP and usb connector to make life easy. the amazon one is NOT a board....
4> max31855 is future, so don't know your link is good
5> don't really know....there are a lot of 'knockoffs' but I'd go with ebay/amazon...
8> IMO adafuit link one is no-good... if you look at the one I linked to... it has one set of 'horizontal bridging'...and a few 'vertical bridging' and some non bridged. the sparkfun one has no bridging at all so you'll have to use solder to bridge... really is preference, but that adafruit won't work at all.
9> they all look good... I'd stick with the ebay/amazon ones as the shape is similar so if we create a 'real' board it will have similar dimensions.

oh, and I am forced to 'love aliexpress' Smile In Canada, shipping is absolutely insane. I think I read that the US postal service loses billions each year.... ours is Profitable, and for a reason!!

shipping would easily be 3x more than the price of the product from oversees....
thanks for the quick reply as I have been biting at the bit to place some orders  Big Grin
As for USPS, i agree, it is a US gov run biz and we all know how efficient they
and sorry to hear about canada shipping, that really sucks. Sad

2) I understand sticking with WeMos and so will order the ebay one.  Not arguing but I don't understand your comments, I checked the links, all of the others are on breakout boards just no mounted usb or reset. The atmega does not have mounted ports.  Sorry, just confused  Huh

4) can't the lib just be swapped out to make this work?  I'm guessing there are specific calls in the code being made to the 6675 which is why.

5) understand the knock offs, so I'll be careful with my selection

8) if you look at the back of the adafruit board (which I found sparkfun also has one too) there are power and ground rails, and the 'verticle' pins are bridged which it says in the description can be cut.  Basically they made it act like a breadboard, but solderable.  For me it is a heck of alot cheaper than aliexpress so I'll just have to make it work  Angel

9) what is this being used for if not to provide power to the 2 boards?? therefore why would the ESP need to have usb on board?  Or are we needing a serial connection for programming, I could use this?  again, just trying to understand my friend.

Thanks for all the input, help and insight.
2> not arguing, but until you play/learn more about using and programming an esp8266 chip then trust me and stick with a WeMos or a NodeMCU. Other than the adafruit huzzah, you're going to be spending/wasting time. (there are pull-ups and pull-downs and all sorts of stuffs like that to use the bare chip)... also one of your links is for an esp-01 which doesn't have 4mb flash.

4> again, nothing is as simple as 'swapping' out in the atmega/arduino world. Setting up test bed, testing 3rd party libraries, allow user to select the 31855 as an option on the webpage and saving all that stuffs on the atmega eeprom.....

8> I'm sure you'll make it work in the end.... I'm guessing you'll be 'cutting' some bridges to make things work.... Depending on your location, you can buy some boards locally at radio shack and stuff that are pretty cheap (under $2).

9> the usb on the WeMos is really just makes flashing your WeMos really simple.. you could use an fdti adapter, but again it's not as simple as just using the wemos/nodemcu port.

keep us posted on your build. You should start a new thread on your build (what parts you've ordered and such)... and put lots of photos.... photos are the best Wink
again, THANK YOU for all the input and for the clarifications above. This young padawan will listen to the Jedi

I'll definitely get the WeMos, bummer on the 31855 swap, I'm actually going to use a breadboard at first (so I don't have to deal with soldering) till I have a working design then I'll find a board as you suggest.

As I've heard on other forums, "it ain't real without pics" Wink I'll def make a post with progress.

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