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Welcome to new forums and Project! Getting Started....Introduce Yourself!
Hello,  glad you're stopping by.....I'm starting the forums to get the Project moving along....

I'm pretty sure things will be slow at first (I don't know how much interest there is in the project yet since it's new)....

Some basic rules:  Don't be 'that person' know,  this is all hobby/fun/no sales type forum so just be kind and pleasant....

Feel free to introduce yourself here to the board and let us know a bit about yourself:

Don't be us your grills Smile  no matter how 'decked' out they look or 'junkyard' homemade smokers Smile  

let us know what (if any) tech you've used and what you're planning on doing....

bye for now....

NailBuster (David)
How about you go first?  Big Grin
HA! Wink fair enough!

I'm just your "standard" husband, father of two teenage kids and two dogs (border collie & shih-tzu)..... from Toronto....

When wife says "hey you want to do a bbq"....I'll smile from cheek-to-cheek knowing I'll be in my 'bbq-man-zone'..... no-one bothers daddy when's hes bbq'in!

I have a Visions Kamado at home (sitting next to a my gas-weber)....I also have a Char-broid Akorn Kamado Kooker at the cottage that is a super-value kamado!

I've used plenty of RF type bbq toys from Mavericks and such... Even had a temperature controller from Auburn that eventually broke-down. I was looking for a replacement and came up with the crazy idea of using the project as a DIY. I researched and started (almost finished) designing out entirely using a raspberry pi, but the PI was complicated (im not a linux guy) and it can corrupt the sdcard just for fun. And the power it draws it pretty beefy (and getting the wifi working etc...., although now with the new PI's the network is built-in).

the great esp8266 with arduino/c++ support was looking like a winner to make life easier. I was first thinking of making it an esp-only idea and it would work (using spi for thermocouples)...but the drivers/libraries aren't there yet to make it stable to run as a 'PID' and a Wifi Sever....but it got close for $3!!! So for now I wanted a PID that wasn't tied to any platform specific so I choose the atmega328 for now....although in future the stm32 looks like a better option if the atmega limits start kicking in.

that's chapter one!

your turn Smile
My name is Joe and I am from Long Island NY. Actually I am new to smoking (Master built electric smoker) but have been cooking since I am a young kid. Since Cub scout days...I am a husband and father of 3 kids. I am a systems engineer for our local MSO cable provider. Work a lot with wifi and routing. Electrical Technology degree from NYIT. I like to tinker when i have time. Camper/RVer...
Hi Joe....Welcome!!!

Electrical Tech Degree....awesome.... you can be our local hardware tech goto guy Smile
Greeting to all! My name is Bill, and I'm from Tulsa, OK. Been smoking meat and playing around with electronic stuff for years. I also spend a bunch of time on my computerized Xmas lights. I've got various thermometers, from a $10 Walmart special to a Heatermeter and a Thermapen. This is a intriguing project. An excellent use of off the shelf components! Keep up the great work!
Hi Bill....Welcome to our 'small' community Smile

I'm eager for BBQ season to start here....but mother nature hasn't been bbq friendly lately Sad

are you just browsing or are you planning on building another controller?

Also, are you using ws2812 (neopixels) for your xmas lights or are we talking 'huge' xmas light systems? which hardware are you using to control?
Hey ya'll. John here from down south, nawlins to be exact. So I've cooked for as long as I can remember, and have been BBQ'n for a good couple dozen years. I just recently started 'smoking' a little over a year ago and have been amazed at what comes out of my smoker, mmmmm. I have a UDS, nothing special, and have been using a HeatMeter/MicroDamper with it. Since I like to build things (not electronics) I'm upping my smoking game and am designing an insulated smoker that I'll brick in so as to go with the ascetics of my back yard. And thusly have been looking for a next gen temp controller. Which is why I'm here, the geek in me loves to tinker with with electronics, and having a linux background I have a number of RPi projects doing various things around the house. So this will be my first toe dip into the Arduino pool.
We John...Welcome!! That makes 2 new members joining today....woohoo!!!

I've already got the wife's 'go-ahead' one day to build a 'nice-looking' brick kamado/smoker in my backyard. I have the perfect space for it...about 8 square feet of 'land' I have allocated for the project one day. but it will probably be a year or two away before I tackle that idea..

the new PiZero W looks great!! Hopefully they get their "max 1 per order" inventory problems resolved so that I'm not stuck paying $13 shipping for a $10 product!!!

And don't worry about the arduino learning curve....if you don't plan on changing 'source-code' you really don't need to learn anything as the esp8266 will flash/manage the arduino device (don't have to install anything on your pc/arduino)
Cool project you have. I am Mike from the central coast of CA. I bbq/smoke every weekend. I have buildt a uds supervisor using a ioio-otg about 3 years ago. Been playing with some photons for other stuff, and seen this, and decided time to build another one, i have extra Maverick 73 probes, so will be using those. All parts ordered from ebay/ Amazon. Sounds linke next week the fun will start.

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