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Q-Control Build w/MicroDamper
Apologies David, I'm still a n00b with electronics.

I went on Thingverse just now and see that the MG90 fits as well.  And I can see why when checking specs on the servos, see this link.  

The SG90 & MG90 are the same dimensions and both are analog, the only difference I can see is one has plastic gears (SG) and the other has metal gears (MG).  However the MG90S is slightly smaller (per the link I provided) and I'll check with Steve to see if that will be an issue (as in 'too loose' in the housing).

Analog vs Digital:
I found this article, which is referenced on several sites, states "The difference between the two is in how the signal from the receiver is processed and how this information is used to send power to the servo motor."

So you are correct in that the difference between digital vs analog servos are the servo's internal electronics. And if I understand the rest of the article correctly, it does not matter if you use an analog or digital pin with an analog or digital servo.  That is where I was getting confused and now understand better.

Again, I'm still a n00b Huh  with electronics, so forgive my ignorance.  I'm slowly but surely learning  Big Grin and appreciate your patience.
no need to feel like a 'noob' part of being 'new' is the fun in learning all these new techs thingies....

that's funny, I didn't know the difference either analog/digital servos till you brought it up. So I did a quick search and found that exact same webpage Smile
Hey John, any updates on your project?
hey there, sorry for the looooooooooong delay replying. Been super busy and working out of town so have not had much of any personal time to work on this. BUT, the times have changed and I should have some time coming up to get caught up on a bunch of things, including working on this project. More to come, hopefully soon...
great to hear you are back!!! It's been a busy time of year for me as well.... kids should be finished exams this week so 'summer' will officially start for us....

talk about other projects.... Look and see what I've been building for my 'games room'... it's been a big project, but super fun!!
uhg, I have just too much going on in my life to make any progress on this hobby, but it looks like caldersm is doing some wonderful work.

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