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Q-Control RAMPS Install
The Ramps hardware version requires a different way to get up and running.

one thing to note that is different is that with RAMPS,  you have to flash the MEGA2560 chip manually as the esp8266 cannot flash directly like it can the PROMINI.

Start by downloading this file and unziping it to a temp folder:

Follow the 'normal' instructions of setting up QControl in this thread:  BUT without doing the flashing of the AVR part.

You have 2 options to flash the MEGA2560.    Make sure the esp8266 is NOT connected to the MEGA2560 for initial flash.

1>  If you are familiar with arduino you can download the IDE and download the qcontrol source from github and flash it that way.

2>  More complicated but using 3rd party tools to flash... (I didn't write these tools).

To flash manually using 3rd party tools;

First you need to see if your computer recognizes the comport when you connect it to your computers USB.  Depending on your RAMPS board if you go into windows device manager you should see under "PORTS (COM"   something like:  USB-SERIAL CH340 (COM5)        If you see that then great,  just remember the COM5 or whatever port its using.

if you DON"T see the port when it's connected to computer then you need to install CH341SER.exe (in zip from above).  That will install the driver so your computer can see the RAMPS board.  (you should restart computer after installing driver).

Once your computer can see the RAMPS board via COM,  you need to run XLoader.exe from the Xloader folder in zip from above.  It should be straight forward,  select the MEGA2560 board and select comport.  You will need to select the HEX file from the zip folder above.  It should be something like QControlRampsvxxx.hex   Baud rate should be default.

You should be all set with the Ramps board can now connect the esp8266 to the ramps.

Final step,  once you setup with ESP from the 'normal' setup,  you need to overwrite a few files so that it will work with ramps.

From your browser,  go to the ESP file browser and copy over the 3 .json files from the ramps zip file from above.

Restart everything and you should be all set to start configuring QControl..... Let me know how it goes!!

BTW:  in future updates to the PID software that needs to be flashed to the RAMPS board (not updating of the esp)....  you need to repeat the STEPS from above to flash the MEGA2560 with an updated HEX file.  However,  you can keep the esp8266 connected to the RAMPS board BUT you need to stop the AVR link before flashing the MEGA2560...  go to esp via browser and until the config/utility screen theres an option to 'stop avr link'.    


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