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Welcome Page

smokestuffsWelcome to my personal website for BBQ smokin’ adventure!!

Q-Control DIY BBQ Temperature Controller….

A little background.  This site is a hobby of mine that I’ll keep updated with different projects/idea in tech that I’m playing with currently.  BBQ smokin’ technology brings all the things I crave in one thing.   FOOD….Tech…. and Food 🙂

All Source Code will be open source/free!!!  I may be on the ‘older’ side of 40 but still like learning and programming new things around the house.  (btw: I’ve been programming for over 25 years so I don’t know when it’s finally time to un-plug?)

Introducing Q-Control BBQ Smoker controller!!  Its a DIY project that allows you to control a charcoal smoker using a Servo and/or Fan,  read 4 probes (1 Pit, 3 Food) and control/set all stuffs via your home wifi!  When you leave home you can even use the dashboard to see whats happening and change temps!!  It’s super ‘cheap’ and easy to build yourself  ….and the software parts are free!!!

Some of my rules for this project are:

  • It’s a DIY project, Remember that I’m not interested in selling/supporting any hardware parts….you’ll have to source the stuffs yourself, but I’ll share some parts/links that I got my stuff from.
  • Low-Cost…..  and I mean Low-Cost!!  I’m think with some of the stuff you can get on the ‘slow-boat’ online that you can build your own DIY Q-Control unit for under $50…maybe $30!!  That’s including 1 pitprobe-and 2 food probes, servo and/or fan control, wi-fi/dashboard control over your smoker!!  (probes/fans/dampers would be extra, but if you’re like me you have a few extra parts laying around).
  • IOT (buzz word I know)… but I believe in simple internet of things that are dumb and easy to setup and using the cloud to control/analyse data.  Internet connection is probably best,  although a simple off-grid mode will work.
  • SmartPhone world….meaning to make Q-Control small and low-cost, “we don’t need no stinkin’ buttons”/touch…etc,  use the great smartphone in your hand to control….
  • not tied to any specific processor….I’ve built a protype Q-Control entirely on a esp8266, atmega 2560 and Uno ‘clone’ type box….also trying out the stm32 (blue-pill) and waiting for the esp32!
  • FUN….hopefully others will share in their ‘builds’…help troubleshoot and  improve product.img_20161118_110930-copy


I’ve been playing with different ideas/hardware to control my smokers(both Kamados)….I’ve participated in the ‘popular’ heater-meter project,  but I wanted to add my own features/functions into the project, and so decided to roll-my-own and start this project from scratch!…..

Where I’m at….I’m pretty far along,  I’ve got a few cooks under my simple Q-Control (Ramps version)….I’m using just a simple blower (no servo, damper) but Q-Control does support full Servo control.  Here’s an album of my version 0.01 🙂


I’ll keep you posted on progress….


bye for now

(Toronto, Canada)

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