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Q-Control Build w/MicroDamper
(12-17-2016, 11:14 PM)NailBuster Wrote: [Image: allinone_sch.png]

Is this still current or do you have an updated version of this?  Perhaps one with fan control included.

also, I'll be using my SteveCK MicroDamper for fan & damper.
see this thread: 

you will see a kicad layout that shows fan hookup example.

if you are using a 12v fan you will need to change the power hookup obviously.  Does the MicroDamper support a 5v fan?
the MicroDamper comes with 12v fan as that is how the fan/servo rj45 jack is configured on the HM, but there is a 5v version of the same Delta EFB04xxVHD (40mmx20mm, 10cfm, 0.416 in H2O static pressure) fan I can use.  Please see the link and let me know what extra parts (diodes, resisters, mosfets, etc) I'll need to run it.
Did you already order/receive the 12v fan? Do you want to use the 12v fan or the 5v fan?

mosfets you already know about from the parts list.
just a standard diode(ex. 1N4004)
resistors... maybe if starting out, get a 'starter-resistor kit'.... get basic ones like 1K, 2K 10K 4.7K you can always use different ones The only time you have to get 'better' resistors is if wiring up thermistors.

maybe find a starter-kit that has capacitors as well... always good to have around. Once you start with this project, you'll be making sure if your garage door stays open that you get a text msg! oh, and the sprinkler system is not smart yet Smile
please review

this is my first attempt to layout the components and make the wiring connections.  The layout is not as important to me as making sure I have the wiring correct.  Plus also verify resistor, diode, and mosfet.

Diagram seems ok, can't determine if the mosfet is wired correctly (S/D/G lines are not labelled on mosfet)BUT... there's always a BUT, I just looked at the MicroDamper and there are some thoughts/issues...

The MicroDamper only has 4 connections, really you need 5, (3 for servo) (2 for fan). He got away with sharing the ground with fan/servo.....BUT that's because the HM uses a more complex fan control that controls the + line (not the 'normal' negative/ground like the N mosfet fan hookup does). So in our hookup you can't share grounds....

However, looking at your diagram, if you are planning to use 5v fan then that should work as you are sending separate grounds to the MicroDamper....and sharing the +5v between fan/servo. Im no expert but that should'll just have to make sure your MicroDamper cable is wired properly.

If you are using a 12v fan, then it would require something totally different, or I'd suggest not using the MicroDamper and use the Other types of Damper/Fans that pass all 5 lines via cable....
Thanks David for starting a new threat for me.

I confirmed with SteveCK that the 5v fan fits and as well works, he has other users who are using the 5v fan with their smokers with good success.

On the wiring, yes I am sharing the +5v line for both the servo and fan and then bringing back separate grounds.  That makes 3 wires.  Then 1 wire for the servo signal line, that makes 4 total wires.  Sounds right?!?!?

Is it OK to share the power line for the servo since the diode is attached to it?
For the mosfet I checked to see which leg was which and wired appropriately.
Is the diode in the correct orientation? Was not sure which side the stipe should be on.

Thanks for the feedback, once i have all the parts I'll assemble and post more pics.
that should work fine then with a 5v.

IMO,  I'd put the diode (white stripe to +)  on the connector inside the microdamper if it fits.  The closer the diode to the motor the better... also it may help better there as the 5v for the servo is there as well.  The diode is there to protect back EMF from the motor as it spins down.  Here's what I did for the RAMPS connector

BTW:  I looked at your image again...  you are connecting the rx/tx pins incorrectly.  look at the hookup diagram...the rx/tx from atmega go to d1/d2.... same with the RST... your hookup won't work that way.

keep us posted....
David, quick question.  Looking back at the parts list, you suggest using SG90S servos.  I looked it up and those are digital servos hence the connection to a digital pin (that was a 'duh' moment for me).  I confirmed that the servo for the MicroDamper is an SG90, which is analog and has different dimensions.  I looked up and found that the SG90 has a digital brother, SG90D, but I'm having a hard time finding them online.  Seems the SG90 is more the standard as they are widely available and cheap.

I'm going to ask SteveCK if his MD can accept the MD90S (probably with some modifications), but wanted to ask you how easy/hard would it be to use an analog servo with Q-Controll??
The parts list (and your links) shows the MG90S...

I'm pretty sure that digital/analog servos are controlled the exact way from the atmega.... meaning the digital difference is between the servos internal controller and its internal components.

MicroDamper does support MG90 or SG90 (He has different files on thingiverse for each)... there's just a small clearence difference in height.

You should be fine with either servo....

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