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Board question
In the Gallery pics, there is a RED board sitting on to of the Arduino board. Does this board hold the max6675s?
That picture in the gallery is for the RAMPS hardware idea for Q-Control.  

There are two 'ideas' I had with the project (the avr part that controls the PID/temperature/Fans/Servo,  the wifi link is always using an esp8266).

The super 'easy' way (hardly any soldering...etc) is to use the available opensource hardware used in 3d printers. (repraps).

that red board is just a shield sitting ontop an atmega 2560 board.  It has the simple hardware already soldered and in place to get readings from 3 analog temperature probes (thermistor only, NOT thermocouple), it also has the mosfet inplace to control a fan.

the shield just looks like this:  [Image: 800px-RAMPS_1.4.2.jpg]

So with the RAmPS idea, you get an atmega2560 board and put this ramps1.4 shield on it.  (they usually sell them both together as a kit for 3d printers)

The other idea is when someone has the soldering skills and wants/need thermocouple support.  Then they would use a proto-type board and make an all-in-one. 

they both run the same code... its just a different hardware idea.

Ideally someone will also help create a KiCad/Eagle type file so people can get their own pcb board printed and make even the all-in-one idea a lot easier to 'assemble' as well.

Let me know if that makes sense...

Are you planning on using the system for your electric smoker?  you should see Jeremy's new thread that he started on it.... looks cool!
oh, btw...  this is what a max6675 board looks like,  very small chip really

[Image: F8XY76CI4IX3PEP.LARGE.jpg]
Thanks for the info, figured it was a shield. Ive worked played with a few shields. First time seeing the ramps1.4 shield. Ive play with Arduino shields and RSPI shields. I may mod my electric smoker. But then again, maybe Ill make one for a charcoal smoker. I am interested in being able to smoke when I am RVing....

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